Father's Day

"Human Being" is a very personal brand, and I will be completely open about my story.

Today is father´s day, which many children will celebrate with their father or fathers. Those of you who have a good dad (or dad’s) I am so happy for you!

Since no one talks about the children who feel bad today, I will.

The man who calls himself my “father”, is not a man I am proud of.

My “father” is an alcoholic, narcissistic man who screamed, pushed and broke me from the start.

A man I had to walk away from 3 years ago.

This day is not a day of happiness or celebrating, this exact day for me is filled with grief, anger and pain.

I wanted to share a bit of my story, to shed a light on the other side of the coin, in hopes to help you understand that you are not alone. I stand with you and if you ever need a hand to hold, I will be there (after the covid-19 lol)

I know I don’t feel like celebrating today, so if you don’t either, I understand.#humanbeingbecauseweallare #fathersday

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