Bullying ruined my confidence and my ability to trust in others.

I loved going to school when I was a child. I was so happy, I had friends and loved to learn. School was something I was excited to be going to. I was absolutely happy from the span of 0-6th grade. Everything fell apart in the last part of 6th grade. People started commenting what I wore and the way I behaved. I didn’t put much into it at first, but 7th grade left me speechless.

I was punched, those friends that I thought I had, left me for the person who punched me.

I lost my joy for school, but tried to survive with jokes, a fake smile and two actual friends.... Or at least what I thought they were. They showed their true selves by pulling my pants down in front of my class.

That was when I lost the last part of me who thought a sincere friend, was possible for me to have. It never got better in school, I moved school but ended up being bullied at that school too. I tried to move back to the same school in hope to get my old “friends” back. That never happened, I spent the last few years crying in front our classroom door, in hope just ONE person would stop and talk to me. That didn’t happen. What I want to prove by writing about the bullying that I experienced is that, words hurt, so please think about what you say to others. It might not mean something to you, but you can destroy a human being and leave them with injuries larger than any knife could've caused. Please be kind, you never know what is the straw that snaps the camels back.

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