The story of Human being

Human Being is a very personal brand that I have worked on and developed over many years.

Ever since I was a kid, I have only wanted to wear what some people would perceive as “masculine” clothing. It was clothes I was comfortable in, and I felt confident. When I hit my teens, this all changed.

The opinions of others began to count more than my own joy. At that time, I was living as a girl. Therefore, in the opinion of others, I should also go dressed as one. Never have I been so uncomfortable with myself and others' perception of me.

During that time, I realised how much clothing matters to how someone is seen. It was not necessarily the fact that I wore "girl clothes" that made me uncomfortable. But more the fact that I was perceived as a girl based on some clothes I was wearing.

It was during this period that I began to question my gender identity. I desperately needed clothes that I could walk in without being perceived as neither one nor the other. I don't want to be perceived as anything other than simply a human being.

That’s why I started Human Being - to make a clothing brand that was unisex. Not just for both genders, but for everyone. Regardless of gender, size, and skin color. They are clothes for everyone.


At Human Being, we strive to remove the labels that are put on us, for example with gender. That is why the brand is unisex.


In addition to this, the climate is extremely important to us. Therefore, all of our products are sustainable, and all the bags are made of sugar cane.

The way I see it, if you as a person stand out, either due to your sexuality, skin color, a disability, etc., that is often what is seen to make up the individual. I do not think that is acceptable.


Being the son of an alcoholic, a part of the LGBT+ community, or something completely third will never be what defines me, but only part of me.


Society today is terribly good at seeing only one's sexuality, religion or skin color. It becomes one's whole personality. I'm tired of that. I see us humans as different in each our unique way. But we all have one thing in common: we are human!

Alex Grønvall 


The logo

Our logo, the skeleton, is made by one of my very good friends, Anker.


Anker is a really talented artist,

and therefore there was no doubt that they were the right one for the execution of the logo.


The reason why the skeleton is our logo is really simple. We all have different stories and values, and look different on the outside. But inside, we are all the same. That is why we at Human Being chose the skeleton as our logo, as it brings us all together and shows our similarity.